Published 13.07.2018 // 13:59 CET

When the sun is shining I can do anything;

no mountain is too high,

no trouble too difficult to overcome.

Wilma Rudolph


Men at work…

Published 07.07.2018 // 11:21 CET

NV SERVICE AS: Men at work…

… during the whole summer!


Our brave team of over 60 employees work simultaneously on the five new building projects (vessels) at Fitjar which are on various stages of advancement.

New project / client again: Vard Langsten

Published 15.06.2018 // 14:28 CET

NV SERVICE AS is proud to inform that from 11.06.2018 our company has started co-operation with the new client: VARD Langsten.

Our current team at the yard is performing various mechanical works.

We are counting for a long term co-operation!

Achilles JQS – renewed certificate

Published 06.04.2018 // 11:51 CET

Thanks to our Quality Management Team!


The “Certificate of Qualification” – Achilles JQS was renewed again yesterday, 05.04.2018.


Achilles JQS (Joint Qualification System) is a supplier register and pre-qualification system used by the buyers in the Norwegian and Danish oil and gas sector to manage supplier information and risk within the supply chain as well as to procure efficiently in accordance with EU regulations.


We train for you!

Published 24.03.2018 // 10:32 CET

Over the past two days, our management team has had the opportunity to participate in a professional course for managers. The training was organized by MASTER HR. The development of our team is very important to us! We are sure that such courses will help us work more efficiently, faster and smarter!
Have a nice weekend!
New opportunities every day !!!

Back to Havyard

Published 09.03.2018 // 9:44 CET

In February NV SERVIC AS renewed co-operation agreement with our old client – HAVYARD SHIP TECHNOLOGY AS.

Our team of employees are performing different works on the alu vessel at the yard.

We are counting for a long term cooperation with this shipyard.


Published 02.03.2018 // 9:48 CET

4 kwietnia rozpoczyna się okres rozliczeń podatkowych w Norwegii. Otrzymali już Państwo zestawienie od pracodawcy ale ze zbieraniem pozostałej , niezbędnej dokumentacji nie warto czekać do ostatniej chwili. Zakończenie sezonu rozliczeń dla użytkowników nieposiadających konta w systemie Altinn to 30 kwietnia. Użytkownicy elektroniczni mogą przedłużyć termin do końca maja.

The tax settlement period in Norway begins 4-th of April. You have already received a list from your employer but it is not worth wait until the last minute to collect the remaining necessary documentation. The end of the settlement season for users who do not have an account in the Altinn system is April 30. Electronic users can extend the deadline to the end of May.

Perioada de stabilire a taxelor in Norvegia incepe pe 4 Aprilie. Ati primit deja de la angajatorul dumneavostra o lista, insa nu este cazul sa asteptati pana in ultima clipa pentru a va strange documentatia necesara. Sfarsitul perioadei de stabilire a acestora pentru utilizatorii care nu au un cont creat in sistemul Altinn este 30 aprilie. Utilizatorii electronici pot prelungi termenul limita pana la sfarsitul lui Mai.

Renewal of certificates: ISO

Published 23.02.2018 // 10:22 CET

It´s this time of the year again…

… when various important company certificates are renewed!

First man in line for renewal: the company QMS system – ISO 9001:2008.

Full speed in Fitjar

Published 09.02.2018 // 20:24 CET

Our employees have their hands full of work at FMV (Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted).

​A group of around 60 professionals shipyard employees are now divided between​ Fitjar and Grunnavegen  sites and are involved in work on two large units – FMV40 Multipropose Kystverket and FMV39 Napier.  FMV works very hard to make next units of this kind right after their completion and of course there are also plans  to build at least two more fish farming service vessels catamarans.


Published 02.02.2018 // 9:33 CET

To improve the good cooperation and relations between the HR department and production of NV SERVICE AS, Marta Przybysz (HR) and Michał Młynarczyk (Kleven Project) have started their “own” project. Each time during the Michael´s “off” rotation they will participate in 1-2 meetings / events between managers from other companies and try to take everything what is good! (ideas / solutions) to improve and enter to our organization.
Project in progress! Good luck!
Photo: PMI Poland Chapter Szczecin Branch – science and business.