On the road again

Published 24.02.2017 // 14:14 CET

Every day – new opportunities.

NV Service AS management & sales team will be very busy during the month of March 2017: “NV Service AS – Sales Road Show 2017 Vol. 1”. Several (about 30) existing customer / old customers / new potential customers / other companies will be visited. The road show will be executed over the period of 2-3 weeks and will start from North-Norway, going through several places on the West-Norway and finally ending up in South-Norway at the end of month.

Maybe we will meet “somewhere” during March! – You never know!

Full speed at FMV (Fitjar project)

Published 17.02.2017 // 19:16 CET

One of the projects of NV Service AS in Fitjar is currently on the last final stages. The hull & superstructure will be finished in about 2 weeks time and the aluminium is waiting for the mounting on board.

Simultaneously, NV Service AS, is also taking care of works on the superstructure of the sister vessel of FMV229. The wheelhouse materials are ready for the start up of the production works.

Another group of the employees of NV Service AS is involved in the conversion works of “Nortguider” which will be completed in the coming days. The third employee group is working with the service works of small catamaran units in order to adapt those according to the new prevailing class rules.

The last project that is coming to the end is the prefabrication project of 50 tons “A-Frame” which will be soon mounted on board the vessel “Skandi Pacific”.

Every day – new opportunities! / Men at work!

Published 11.02.2017 // 10:06 CET

Over the last two months period, we have arranged internal welding site testing at the Kleven-project. In connection with the changing rules and the development of welding, – all of our welders have undergone this welding testing.

We, NV Service AS, are very pleased and proud to announce that all of our welders have proven their high qualifications and thereby confirmed their high professional welding etc. skills. All test samples have been accepted!


Motivation, positive thinking and attitude!

Published 03.02.2017 // 9:15 CET

Something about motivation, positive thinking and good work attitude.

Have a nice weekend and think warm about Monday;)


Trochę na temat motywacji, pozytywnego myślenia I pozytywnego nastawienia do pracy.

Życzymy udanego weekendu. Pomyśl ciepło o poniedziałku;)


Orientation Handbook

Published 28.01.2017 // 10:48 CET

Our company, NV Service AS, would like to inform all our employees about the following:

  • NV Service AS departments in Haugesund (Norway) and Szczecin (Poland) are working with the company´s new “ORIENTATION HANDBOOK”.
  • The ORIENTATION HANDBOOK will consist of information e.g. about:
    • Taxation
    • Retirement pension
    • Governmental benefits
    • Other useful information in order to be able handle various standard day-to day cases in Norway and in Poland.


We sincerely do hope that this ORIENTATION HANDBOOK will be useful for our important assets, the employees of NV Service AS.

Within the coming weeks, all our employees will receive a copy of this “ORIENTATION HANDBOOK” via e-mail.

Full speed at Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted

Published 20.01.2017 // 15:16 CET



NV Service AS is continuing our long & sound co-operation with Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted (FMV). Our professional shipbuilding team, currently about 35 workers,  are engaged in several projects together with FMV:

  • Nothguider – conversion works on crab vessel
  • FMV 229 – fish farm service boat
  • Buidling of 40 tons A-Frame
  • Service works on various fish farm boats.



Eidsvik Project: full speed also in Uskedalen.

Our team of about 20 workers started in January building of next fish farm boat FMV 232. The planned turning operation of hull is on 2nd week of February.


Employee Training Programs / Szkolenia

Published 13.01.2017 // 14:34 CET

Employee training programs

The employee qualification standard improvement is one of the main goals of NV Service AS for the year 2017. The company is organizing currently training sessions for example: cranes, fork lifts and the calculation of bids (technical drawings / offer – calculation courses). In addition to this, – goes without saying: NV Service AS is taking care of exams in the respect of renewal of all existing certificates (e.g. welding / safety / QA / etc. certification). By highly skilled and certified employees, NV Service AS will be “Your Preferred Production Partner” for our existing and new potential customers.


Podnoszenie kwalifikacji naszych pracowników jest jednym z naszych głównych założeń na rok 2017. Obecnie odbywają się szkolenia z obsługi suwnic, sztaplarek oraz kalkulacji ofert. Na bieżąco również odbywają się egzaminy przy odnawianiu certyfikatów spawalniczych oraz BHP. Mając wykwalifikowanych pracowników jesteśmy dużo bardziej atrakcyjnym podwykonawcą zarówno dla naszych obecnych jaki potencjalnych klientów.

Every day – new opportunities: 2017

Published 06.01.2017 // 12:04 CET

And now we welcome the new year, 2017. Full of things that have never been.

Here are some smart quotes of the new year and opportunities, what we would like to share with you:

  • There exist limitless opportunities in every industry. Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier.
  • Where there are difficulties, there will always be opportunities.
  • Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.


Or like we are used to say / do in NV SERVICE AS:

Every day – new opportunities!

Merry Christmas

Published 23.12.2016 // 13:17 CET

Dear friends,



As the Christmas season and New Year 2017 approach, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued partnership.



We hope next year will allow us to renew our cooperation and bring success for both companies.



We look forward to work with you in the coming new year and hope our business relationship continues for many years to come!



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!