Men at work!

Published 07.07.2017 // 10:55 CET


At the moment our crew is half a way to finish the project FMV237 (fish farm support vessel). This vessel has already owner so in few days we will probably get a list of things to do to customize the unit to the needs of its owner.  We also exept in few days to get delivery of drawing and material to begin work on superstructure for the project FMV40 – “Kystverket”. Works at this shipyard are scheduled for the end of August, but with an option of two more weeks in September. After this period the entire production will be transferred to the newly hired workshop at Sagvåg which is currently being prepared to meet the production needs.​


Our workers can not complain about the lack of activities. Most of our crew is delegated to finish the project FMV234,  where the plan is to start painting this weekend. Before this unit will bei delivered to the customer it will be used by FMV as an advertisement at the upcoming trade fair in Trondheim. At the same time we are preforming works on the project FMV236 on which in the next few days will be a few modifications and on the square lies already materials for the next hull unit for the FMV238. The coming week is scheduled to start work on the FMV40 Kystverket.

Fjellstrand projects again…

Published 10.06.2017 // 11:37 CET

NV Service AS is renewing their operations at Fjellstrand shipyard again. 
Our small team of welders support the yard in their welding services. Our team is executing welding of tanks for Halsnoy dock. In the coming weeks NV Service AS will be engaged in the repairs work on the ferry “M/V Stavanger” .
Our company, NV Service AS, is looking forward for several new projects coming during this year in Omastrand (Fjellstrand).

NKT Victoria Ship of the Year 2017

Published 02.06.2017 // 17:19 CET

In a ceremony at the Nor-Shipping trade fair in Oslo, the jury has recognized NKT Victoria’s state-of-the-art capacities and innovations as a world leading cable-laying vessel. She represents the best competence within Norwegian ship design and shipbuilding, according to the jury.
Congratulations for Kleven Verft!
NV SERVICE AS is proud that we also involved in this project!

New client – Skogsøy Båt

Published 05.05.2017 // 12:56 CET

We are proud to inform that in April we signed a contract with a new client, Skogsøy Båt AS in Mandal. Our employees perform assembly and welding of aluminium construction works. This is another new customer we have contacted this year and we hope that this trend will continue for the rest of the year 2017.

Chcielibyśmy poinformwać, że w kwietniu podpisaliśmy kontrakt z nowym klientem jakim jest  Skogsøy Båt AS. Nasi pracownicy wykonują montaż i spawanie kontrukcji aluminiowych. Jest to kolejny nowy klient , z którym nawiązaliśmy kontakt w tym roku i mamy nadzieje ,ze taka tendencja utrzyma sie również przez pozostałą część 2017.

Easter greetings – 2017

Published 12.04.2017 // 15:32 CET

Seasonal greetings to all from NV SERVICE AS!

Easter is the only time of the year when it’s perfectly safe to put all your eggs in one basket.

We train for you!

Published 07.04.2017 // 10:48 CET

We would like to inform you that in February of this year at Kleven project all our pipe fitters were trained in the field of pipe joints by a new method. The training was organized by the representatives of PYPLOK company.
We are glad that our team is developing their knowledge and we hope that the knowledge they have gained will bring succes in the future!
NV Service AS: Every day – new opportunities!

Ladies first, Sirs! (Part II)

Published 31.03.2017 // 15:54 CET

Ladies first  @ Fitjar Shipyard (FMV = Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted).

The story of our ladies in the company NV Service AS continues from the last week.

Next day (Tuesday –  21.03.2017) our ladies in the company:  from HR department (Marta Przybysz) and from Accounting Department (Katarzyna Świerczek) visited other  projects of NV Service AS. This time Fitjar shipyard (FMV). NV Service AS has there currently about 35 highly-skilled shipbuilding  experts (employees). The ladies had meetings with our workers at Fitjar and they had possibility to listen again opinions of our employees regarding conditions, atmosphere on the project and had opportunity also to answer on several questions.

Some photos below from that day!

Ladies first, – Sirs!

Published 24.03.2017 // 22:26 CET

Our ladies in the company; from HR department (Marta Przybysz) and from Accounting Department (Katarzyna Świerczek) visited on Monday one of the projects of NV Service AS – Eidsvik Shipyard located in Uskedalen, where we have currently about 30+ employees. The ladies had there meeting with our workers and had possibility to listen their opinions regarding conditions, atmosphere on the project and had opportunity also to answer on several questions.

Our highly qualified employees are doing very good work. The most important for us is that both the customer is satisfied with the job and our staff performs the service at the highest level. Good work everybody and thank you for the meeting!

Men at work!

Full speed at the projects…

Published 17.03.2017 // 15:05 CET

Fitjar project

During the last days our company, NV Service AS, has accomplished various steel works onboard the crab vessel “North Guider”. Our company has been engaged in the conversion works and the outfitting works.

Eidsvik project

Full speed at the department Eidsvik in Uskedalen. Our dedicated project team at the yard continues works onboard FMV 232 and started also the new project FMV 234. These both projects are dedicated for the service of fishing farms.
NV Service AS: Every day – new opportunities!

Fiskerstrand Verft

Published 09.03.2017 // 18:19 CET

We are pleased to announce that once again we have started up our sound co-operation with the one of our oldest clients, since 2004 – Fiskerstrand Verft. Our employees are performing both steel and pipe works on new buildings and repair projects. We hope that the number of our employees will rise in the coming weeks and will remain at a similar level in the near future.

Miło nam poinformować ,że ponownie rozpoczęliśmy współpracę z naszym jednym z najstarszych Kleintów – Fiskerstrand Verft. Nasi pracownicy wykonują zarówno prace stalowe jak i rurarskie na nowych oraz remontowanych jednostkach. Mamy nadzieje, że liczba naszych pracowników wzrośnie w najbliższych tygodniach i pozostanie na podobnym poziomie w najbliższym czasie.